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YZ Literature

YZ (pronounced “wise") Literature is wisdom from the young, Generations Y and Z to be more specific. This isn’t your basic news.


YZ Literature is the art, songs, poems, prayers, letters, stories, thoughts, and more, of young people shining, witnessing, and reflecting light. It's not necessarily just for young people, rather it’s by young people who are not only the future but also bearers of Good News today.


If you're a young person of the Hawai‘i Conference, we want you to share what's in your heart and on your mind. 

Beginning in 2020, Page 9 in every issue of The Friend will be dedicated to the young people of the Hawai‘i Conference. Get published in The Friend, the "Oldest Newspaper West of the Rocky Mountains. Founded 1843." 

SHARE WITH US — not just what’s happening in the world, but how you see the world and what you feel and think about it.


Capture an image of something that makes you grateful to be alive, inspires you, makes you wonder.


Note a quote or scripture that gives you hope and encouragement.


Write a poem or song.


Share a reflection on

something you did/saw.



Seniors asked to submit content

by May 13, 2020 for the next issue

of The Friend.

YZ LITERATURE, Page 9, The Friend

February 2020

Publication Guidelines


  • Any identifiable people that appear in a photo must give their permission to be published. Minors must give written consent.

  • Nothing that demeans or excludes.

  • All content must be original or include copyright info/artist credit with permission.

  • Submitted content may be edited for publication.

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