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Western Region Staff Gather for Peer Learning

The first-ever Western Regional Administrative Staff Gathering, held September 6-8 at the Hawai‘i Conference Office, brought together thirty-two United Church of Christ employees representing eight conferences from throughout the UCC Western Region.


The event, facilitated by Conference Minister Edith Guffey of the Kansas-Oklahoma Conference, focused on strengthening ministries through peer learning, sharing of information and resources, and building a network of staff within the region.


Takeaways from the event included:


  • Streamlined procedures for pastoral transfers between conferences

  • Possible cross-conference collaboration for accounting services

  • Improved efficiency in assisting churches in pastoral transition

  • Methods for preserving institutional knowledge and digitizing records

  • Shared resources for event registration and promotion

  • Suggested platforms for video conferencing

  • Improvements to the Data Hub

  • Effective ways to promote Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM)

Three conference ministers who attended the Western Region Administrative Staff Gathering participated in a demonstration supporting Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel workers in their fight for just wages and a union contract. Mahalo to Walter John Boris of the Central Pacific Conference, Mike Denton of the Pacific Northwest Conference, and Marc Ian Stewart of the Montana Northern Wyoming Conference for their witness for justice in Hawai‘i. 

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