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Thursdays In Black

August 21, 2019

#ThursdaysInBlack: For A World Without Rape and Violence

Show your solidarity against all forms of sexual and gender-based violence by wearing black on Thursdays. This simple act that started in the 70s as a way to peacefully protest rape and violence is a way to bring awareness to an issue that is too often hidden.


Go a step further and document yourself in black and share it on social media using the hashtag #ThursdaysInBlack and #hcuccTIB or send your photos to
View an example HERE.


"We all have a responsibility to speak out against violence,

to ensure that women and men, boys and girls,

are safe from rape and violence in homes, schools, work, streets

– in all places in our societies."



Learn more:



Read blogs by Eric Anderson, Pastor of Church of the Holy Cross in Hilo, HI, who spends his #ThursdaysInBlack.


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