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General Synod Reflection: Glenn Frazier

Being part of the 2017 delegate representation from the Hawaii Conference was a significant privilege and honor.  We experienced the United Church of Christ in worship, debate, education and resourcing. We witnessed the representatives from our 5,062 congregations, sharing from their diverse perspectives and gifts, a church that is preparing to meet the complex needs of our immediate future, discovering ways that we can put into practice our 3 great loves: for neighbor, children and creation.  It was so affirming to realize that we are part of the positive and loving witness, in a broken world, to the welcoming love of a body of believers in a Christ-like desire to see hope planted in the soil of that current brokenness. 


 Song, worship, resources and relationships with other HCUCC delegates were highlights.  Special appreciation to Lori and Iesu for their leadership and the wonderful opportunity to show gratefulness for the leadership of Charles Buck was a blessing. 


I found one quote and discussion to be especially inspirational , “make a positive investment in cultural appreciation”, a worthy goal to take from this wonderful experience.  


- Glenn Frazier, Kaua‘i

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