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Kalaupapa Backyard Band Holds Benefit Show for Ukranians

The Kalaupapa Backyard Band was formed and played in Kana'ana Hou Church until two years ago when visitation to Kalaupapa ended due to COVID-19. They reunited to do their small part to help those in need in Ukraine. They held a benefit show on Friday, March 11, from 7 – 9 p.m., at Paddler's Restaurant in Kaunakakai, Moloka‘i. Paddler's Restaurant provided a great place for folks to get together and listen to the music, enjoy a good dinner, and donate to a worthy cause. All were invited to attend!

This is not the first benefit show the band has done. When Puerto Rico was devastated by the hurricane, the Kalaupapa community got together and played music to raise money to aid those folks in need.

Richard Miller, pastor of Kana'ana Hou Siloama Church in Kalaupapa, shared:

"Long after the last chord played by the Kalaupapa Backyard Band faded into the Kaunakakai night, the memories of last Friday night's fundraiser to aid the besieged people in Ukraine will resound in our minds. The generosity of the Moloka'i community was heartwarming, with way over a thousand dollars donated. The funds are being channeled through the [Hawai'i] Conference into a nationwide effort. Thanks very much to Paddler's for the great place to bring it all together.
"For the members of the band, reuniting for what may very well be our last show, the opportunity to help out in the best way we can and play together one more time was truly a blessing."
six men stand on stage, Kalaupapa Backyard Band
Photo courtesy of Rick Schonely via Facebook


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