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General Synod Reflection: Isaiah Ka‘auwai

Mahalo ke Akua a mahalo nui to Kauaʻi Association UCC and the Hawaiʻi Conference UCC for the privilege of attending and being a part of the delegation to General Synod 2017.  New friendships were formed and old friendships rekindled. 


The biggest takeaway for me is the process, discussions and voting on the proposed resolutions.  There’s a lot of passion that people exhibit when an issue “is close to the heart or feel that there truly are injustices in this world.” I plan to share the resolutions’ results with our Kauaʻi Association UCC and Kauaʻi Council of Hawaiian Congregational Churches. In sharing, my hope is that our churches can decide which resolutions they would like to support.


Another takeaway is the worship services!  I was looking forward to it, and I was not disappointed.  Praising and singing to, about the LORD was AWESOME especially when you have thousands of people singing together!  Learning new songs and singing old ones quenched my spirit.


- Isaiah Ka‘auwai, Kaua‘i

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