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Resources from Local Churches

This page is intended for willing pastors and church leaders to share what they are doing with their congregations so that other church leaders may discover new ideas to incorporate in their own church. Churches of the Hawai‘i Conference/United Church of Christ vary in theology and worship styles. Note: The resources on this page are what have been offered by local churches and do not necessarily reflect the Hawai‘i Conference as a whole.


Share with us... 


Worship Ideas
Share a sample of your Sunday worship bulletins so others can get an idea for different orders of worship, see what hymns and songs can be paired with what verses, what kinds of messages are being preached...


Devotions & Messages 
Does your church have its own devotionals? Preachers willing to share their message based on a challenging scripture? Send sermon texts or URLs to recorded sermons so others can get ideas. 


Share a sample of your church newsletter (PDF or URL) so others can see what kinds of things your church is doing.


What has helped your church and could help other churches? What has been tried and proven successful at your church?


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