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2014 Church Leaders Event: Photos and Handouts

The Church Leaders Event was held this last Saturday, February 22, at Nu‘uanu Congregational Church.  To view pictures of the event click on the photo below.  Handouts are available below the photo.

Recorded Workshops:


Small Churches with Small Budgets Facing Needed Repairs and Maintenance – Gordon Gilles

  Part 1               Part 2               Part 3              Part 4

Making Worship Dynamic – Donald Schmidt & Ken Makuakane

  Part 1               Part 2               Part 3               Part 4




Updates (Charles Buck)

Links to Resources

Senate Bill 1 – Relating to Marriage Equality

Who Owns a Minister’s Sermons?

Housing Allowance Guidance

Electronic Meetings


Gordon Gilles - Cornerstone Fund


Patrick Duggan - Church Building & Loan Fund 


Mike SchuenemeyerHow the Church Can Lead the Way


Treasurers 101 (Ann Hiyane)

Powerpoint Presentation

Balance Sheet

Handout II

IRS Handout

State Department of Taxation Handout

Audit Handout


Donald Schmidt & Ken Makuakane Making Worship Dynamic


Engaging the World: Resources for Bible Study and Discussion Groups (Diane Weible)

Powerpoint Presentation

Do Just This – Protect Life!

Faith and Immigration

Pilgrimage to Busan – Participant’s Guide

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