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Assessment Process for Hawai‘i Conference UCC

At the 194th ‘Aha Pae‘aina, a proposal to evaluate the mission and ministries of the Hawai‘i Conference and the Hawai‘i Conference Foundation was introduced by delegates. In response, the Conference has hired a consultant, Mr. Alan Oliver, to perform an assessment of the Conference and Foundation. Results from the assessment will be used to develop a strategic plan with the goal of introducing the plan for discussion and approval at the 195th ‘Aha Pae‘aina in June 2017. 


This webpage contains updated information about the assessment process as well as pertinent resources. Check back for future information and updates.


  • At a joint retreat of the Conference Council and Hawai'i Conference Foundation trustees in August 2016, a process to begin an assessment of the Conference’s mission and ministry was approved.  Read the letter from Council Chair Iese Tuuao and other Conference leaders for more. 


  • Read the October 5, 2016 letter from the chairs of the Conference Council and the Foundation Board of Trustees explaining how the assessment of the Conference’s mission and ministry will take place over the next few months and how you can be involved.


  • An article in the October edition of The Friend, the newsletter of the Hawai‘i Conference UCC, provides additional information about the assessment process and church consultant Al Oliver.


  • As part of the Conference-wide assessment, focus groups are being held in every geographical association for clergy and members of Hawai'i Conference congregations to share comments and ideas for the Conference.  Find a location and date of a focus group near you.


  • Read the letter from Hawai'i Conference leaders about plans for the 195th 'Aha Pae‘aina and the consultant who will be helping lead the Conference in developing a strategic plan.

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